Indore Special Economic Zone


Status of vacant land in SEZs in MP

Performance Report


Status of Vacant Land
S. No. UNITS NAME Unit's Address Contact No. Fax/ email Id.
1 Flexituff International Limited C-41-50, SEZ, Sector-3 Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Fax- 07292-501684 E Mail- Phone-07292-401684
2 Solar International Plot No: E1 SEZ Phase-I, Sector-3, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone: 0731-2528024 Fax: 0731-2525969 Email:
3 Cummins Technologies India Ltd. Plot No. M-5, Phase-II, ISEZ, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone no: 07292-418300 fax: 07292-418411 Email:
4 Pratibha Syntex Limited A-15 & 16, Apparel Park, Indore SEZ, Mhow-Neemuch Road Pithampur, Distt. Dhar (M.P.) Fax-0792-256340,256341 E mail-
5 Bergwerff Organic (I) Pvt Ltd Plot No. C36-38, SEZ Indore, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 022-26743685 E Mail- Fax-022-26744903
6 Apurva India Limited Plot no. 44, 45, 52 and 53, Industrial Area, ISEZ, Phase-I, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 022-24475051 Fax- 022-24475056. email id-
7 Advanced Enzymes Limited Type-B Plot No. 5-13. Phase-I, Sector-3, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Phone: 07292-256305 Fax: 07292-413636 Email:
8 SRF Limited C-1 to 8, C-21 to 30, ISEZ, Sector-3, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone no: 07292-400526, Fax: 07292-401753
9 Medgel Private Limied Plot No. 19-20 Special Economic Zone, Pharma Zone, Phase-II, Sector-I , Pithampur, Distt- Dhar. Phone: 07292-407445/6 Fax: 07292-407387 Email:
10 India Nets Plot No. D-1 to 12, B-1, 2 and F-3 to 5 Phase-I SEZ, Pithampur, Dhar. Phone No. 0731 4213131, 4203030 Fax: 0731 2552992 E Mail Id:
11 Jai Corp Limited Plot no. F-1 & 2, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar (M.P.) Fax- 07292-413696 email id-
12 Kals Tex Pvt. Ltd. D-66 & D-67, ISEZ, Sector No. III, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Mbl: 9993074260 Emai Id:
13 Ipca Laboratories Limited Plot No. 89-A-D/90/91, Industrail Estate, Pologround, Indore Phone: 07292-667777, 256084 Fax: 07292: 667020
14 Sonic Biochem Extraction Limited Plot Nos E-3 to 14 & 17 to 36, D-19 to 24 & 33 to 40, SEZ Phase-I, Pithampur Distt. Dhar Phone No. 0731-3011400 Fax No. 2462564 Emai Id:
15 Innovative Clad Solutions Private Limited Plot No. M-7, Phase-
II, Misc. Zone, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar
Phone no: 07292-402811, Fax: 07292-402800 email: ics@innovativecladsolutions
16 Mission Vivacare Limited Plot No. 14, Pharma Zone , Phase-II, Sector-3, ISEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone No. 07292-650135 Fax: 07292-667755, E mail Id:
17 Gold Filaments Pvt. Ltd. F-19, Phase (I), SEZ area, Pithampur. Distt. Dhar. Phone: 07292-256739 Fax-07292-256739 E-mail-
18 Shakti Pumps (India) Limited F-14 & 15, Phase-I, Special Economic Zone, Sector- III, Pithampur. Fax:07292-407044, Phone No. 07292-256351, E Mail-
19 VE Commercial Vehicles Limited Plot No. A-1 to 3 & C-51 to 56, Phase-I, Pithampur, Distt.Dhar Phone: 07292-402633 Fax: 07292-402611 Emai:
20 Cipla Limited Plot No. 9, 10 & M-14, Pharma Zone, Phase-II, ISEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Fax- 07292-401745, E Mail- Phone-07292-401684
21 Cipla Limited ( Unit-II) Plot No. M-12, Miscelleneous Zone, Phase-II, Sector-III, ISEZ, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone no. 07292-401684 Fax: 07292-401745 Email:
22 Jash Engineering Ltd.   Fax- 0731-2720499 E-mail- Phone- 0731-2720143, 4232900.
23 Symbiotec Pharmalab Ltd., Plot No. 5 to 8, Special Economic Zone, Phase-II, Pharma Zone, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Fax- 07292-667677 Phone No. 07292-256777, 667602, 605, 606 E Mail-
24 Lupin Ltd Plot No. 2, SEZ Phase-II, Misc. Zone, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone No. 07292-417318 Email:
25 Safeflex International Limited F-6-10, SEZ Phase-I, Sector-3, Pithampur Phone No: 07292-417100, Fax: 07292-417130, E mail Id:
26 New-Tech Abrasives Ltd. D-59-61, ISEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Phone: 07292-256017 Fax: 07292-256018 Email:
27 New-Tech Pipes Ltd. D-59-61, ISEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Phone: 07292-256269, 256288 Fax: 07292-256018 Email:
28 Creative Propack Limited Plot No. 18-A, SEZ, Phase-I, Sector-3, Pithampur. Phone: 022-4078000 fax: 022-40780023 Email:
29 Perfect Utilities Plot No. 22, Phase-II, Pharma Zone, Special Economic Zon, Distt. Dhar. 079-32942634 Fax: 079-27438499 Email:
30 TGW Machine Knives Private Limited M-4 A, Phase-II, Indore SEZ, Misc Zone, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. 07292-417800 Email:
31 Sarks Metal Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. M-8, Indore SEZ, Phase-II, Misc. Zone, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 022-40107537 Email:
32 Sigma Chemtrade Pvt. Ltd. 17-A SEZ, Phase-I, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone: 0731-2529911-14 Fax: 0731-2529901 Email:
33 Shree Tirupati Balajee Fibc Pvt,Ltd Plot No. A-14, Phase-II, SEZ Indore, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 0731-4217400 Fax: 0731-4069782 Email id:
34 Emerald Tobacco Pvt Ltd Plot Type ?C 31, 32, 39 &40, ISEZ Sector-3, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone: 07292-400372, 401777 Fax: 07292-407666 Email:
35 Shriji Polymers (India) Ltd. Plot No. M-9, Phase-II, Misc. Zone, IndoreSEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone no: 0734-2527328 Fax: 0734 2526645 Email:
36 Shree Krishna Well Pack Pvt.Ltd. E-15, E-16, SEZ, Sector-I, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone no:0731-3018840-44 Fax: 0731-3018842 Email:
37 Amulya Exports Limited C-16, SEZ, Sector-3, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Telefax: 0731-4077777 Email:
38 Commercial Syn-Bags Limited Shed S-/3, Sector-I, Pithampur Distt. Dhar. Phone: 0731-2704007 Fax: 0731-2704130 Email:
39 Asian Marine Services Ltd Plot No. 68-D, SEZ Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 0731-537808 fax: Email:
40 Singhal Concrete Plot No. C-12/13, ISEZ, Phase-I, Pithampur-454775 Distt. Dhar Phone: 0731-3012147 fax: 0731-2539430 Email:
41 Geotech Worldwide (A Division of Neo Corp International Limited) Plot No A-12 to A-13, ISEZ, Phase-II, (Apparel Park) Pithampur., Distt. Dhar. Phone no: 07292-410400 Fax: 07292-410499
42 Mylan Laboratories Ltd. Plot no. 11 to 13 Pharma Zone SEZ, Phase-II, Pithampur Phone No.: +91-40-30866666, 23550543 Fax: 30866699 Email ID:-
43 Glenmark Generics Ltd. Plot Nos.2 , Phase-II, Pharma Zone, SEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 022-40189999 Fax: 022-40189986
44 Shankar Soya Concepts Plot No. M-48, Indore Special Economic Zone, Phase II (Misc. Zone), Pithampur, Distt. Dhar 454775 (M.P.) Mbl: 9009019199, 9826048080 Email
45 ACG Associated Capsules Pvt. Ltd. Plot no. M-30 to M-39, M-29A, M-29B, M-29C, M-0 to M- & M-9, ISEZ, Phase-II Miscellaneous Zone , Pithampur, Distt. Dhar. Phone: 022-28682010 Fax: 022-28686152 Email:
46 S.K Traders Plot no. 23 Phase-II, Indore SEZ, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar 0731-2704554 Fax: 0731-2704232 Email:
47 Shriniwas polyfabrics & packwell Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. P-21, Phase-II, ISEZ Pithampur,Distt.Dhar 0734-2524072, Fax: 0734-2526645, Email. ID-
48 Shreeflex Print Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28, Indore SEZ, Phase-II, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Tel-022-42442500, Fax-022-42442599, Email
49 Printpoint Pharma Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. A-1,ISEZ, Phase-II, Pithampur, Distt. Dhar Phone-9893620006, Email Id-